Normal White Garlic



Regular white garlic, also called normal while garlic, hybrid garlic or
purple white garlic, is the most common garlic variety of Shandong, China. The
skin is basically white but it also has a few purple stripes on it, as shown in
the pictures below.
Click on each small icon below in the left column to see
the enlarged picture on the right. Scroll down the left column to see more
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1) Variety: normal white out skin
2) Whole and strong
3) Sizes: 4.5cm up, 5.0cm up, 5.5cm up, 6.0cm up, 6.5cm up
a) Fresh season: early June to September,
b) Frozen
season: September to next May


Inner packing:
1) 10kg/ctn
2) 1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn
3) 500g/bag,
20 bags/ctn
4) 250g/bag, 40 bags/ctn
5) 1kg/bag, 10 bags/mesh
500g/bag, 20 bags/mesh
7) 5kg/mesh, 10kg/mesh, 20kg/mesh
8) Custom
packing available upon request


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