Table Top Portable Cheap Gerber Milk Fat Centrifuge


The table top milk fat centrifuge is applied in the fields of milk and dairy products, medicine, chemical industry and health food. It is measured to test the volume or percentage after the fat is separated from milk.
OKRZ10 desktop milk fat centrifuge, with the function of constant heating temperature, is mainly suitable for the physical and chemical inspection of dairy enterprises, and is a conventional equipment for dairy inspection.

1.Rotor type with angle rotor, Capacity 8*Gerber Butyrometer, Max. Speed 1500RPM, Max. RCF 504×g
2.Parameters can be changed during operation without shutdown.
3.Instantaneous and continuous centrifugation.

Model OKRZ10
Max. Centrifuge Radius 200mm with constant heating
Rotor Type Angle rotor
Centrifuge Capacity 8*Gerber Butyrometer
Max. Speed 1500RPM
Max. RCF 504×g
Time Range 0-99min
Voltage AC220/110V 50/60Hz
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 450*450*360
Weight 25kgs
Application Physical and chemical test of relative density and fat of milk and dairy products by Geber’s method


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